Theatrical Release of Deadpool 3 Has Been Cancelled for the Time Being

The actors' and writers' strike keeps causing chaos

by Jonas Reichel on August 10, 2023

A shock for all Deadpool fans: The big-mouthed mercenary was supposed to make his comeback in May together with Wolverine. Nothing will become of it, however, for the time being.

The actors' and writers' strike for better working conditions is currently shutting down all of Hollywood and causing chaos at the studios. The sequel "Deadpool 3" was only recently brought forward to May 3, 2024 - to the fans' delight, of course. However, the enthusiasm is now likely to be dampened.

Disney recently revealed their annual overview of upcoming movies for the period between September 2023 and June 2024, and it was not long before it became apparent that the planned release date for "Deadpool 3" had surprisingly been cancelled without replacement. The plan of upcoming projects in the MCU was regularly upset by Disney in recent months. There have been recurring problems with the production of the new "Blade" film, for example, which was also originally supposed to be released in 2024. As a result, several projects had to be postponed, since the MCU movies are known to be based on each other.

The current wave of postponements, on the other hand, is due to the current actors' and writers' strike. The shooting of "Deadpool 3" was already suspended in July, which meant that the planned release in May of next year was doubtful anyway. Now, though, it seems that the date really cannot be met. "Deadpool 3" is now likely to set a new record for postponement schedules in the MCU. With the announcement of Hugh Jackman's return, the movie was originally slated to premiere in September 2024. After that, the movie was pushed back by two months to November and then moved up again to May 3 - what a mess!

It remains to be seen when we will finally get to see the spectacular Deadpool and Wolverine, but the developments of the strike will continue to impact possible release dates of the movie.

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