Wonder Woman 3: Third part announced shortly after release of "Wonder Woman 1984"

Patty Jenkins is back again as well

by Pierre Lorenz on December 27, 2020

After the rather disappointing, but financially worthwhile theatrical release of "Wonder Woman 1984", there is already news about a planned sequel. Plans for a third part do not seem to have been made dependent on box office success, but on the phenomenal streaming ratings at HBO Max. As the WarnerMedia responsible Andy Forsell confirms, "Wonder Woman 1984" exceeded expectations in every respect after its release, and it doesn't appear that this trend will change. Incidentally, the announcement of "Wonder Woman 3" also marks the return of leading actress Gal Gadot, as well as director and screenwriter Patty Jenkins. Especially the latter could surprise one or the other, because in the HBO Max dispute between the filmmakers and Warner Bros., she was rather on the side of the filmmakers. She's also already in the middle of production on "Star Wars: Rogue Squadron", which is no small project either. When exactly "Wonder Woman 3" is going to be released is still completely unclear, but at least cinema-goers can already look forward to the release.

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