Godzilla vs. Kong Sequel: Filming Has Started

A possible working title has already been revealed as well

by Pierre Lorenz on August 3, 2022

Last March, Legendary impressed fans of visually stunning action with "Godzilla vs. Kong". In between, it was even the most profitable film released during the pandemic. Since the success of the big clash between the two giants, several other projects from the MonsterVerse have been in the works, including the animated series "Kong: Skull Island" on Netflix, the "Godzilla" live-action series on Apple TV+ and, of course, another big-screen sequel to follow up "Godzilla vs. Kong". Filming for the latter began a few days ago and, as with "Godzilla vs. Kong" and "Kong: Skull Island", it is being filmed in Australia. As reported by the Australian magazine Screen Queensland, the shooting takes place on the Gold Coast in the southeast of the state of Queensland. The news channel 7NEWS Brisbane even claims to have found out that the setting is to serve as a film template for the beach of Rio de Janeiro, which would mean that a location for the new MonsterVerse movie has already been set. The short video at least suggests that a very large creature is running towards the beach goers.

However, not a whole lot is known about "Godzilla vs. Kong 2" yet, neither whether actors from the previous movie will come back, nor the exact plot. We only know about the return of director Adam Wingard and that the film may be titled "Son of Kong". Recently, the potential working title "Origins" was also leaked. Still, it is hard to tell how trustworthy the source is. The release date is scheduled for March 15, 2024, so there is still plenty of time for new details and rumors anyway. 

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