Black Adam 2: Dwayne Johnson Confirms the End of His Character

James Gunn and Peter Safran plan a radical change in the DCEU

by Pierre Lorenz on December 21, 2022

After an extensive promotional tour, "Black Adam" hit theaters on October 21, 2022. The hype was huge, which was mainly due to the smart marketing of DC and Dwayne Johnson. Yet, it is considered safe to say that a sequel is no longer in the works. The reason is not so much the devastating reviews or the lack of ticket sales, but a general restructuring of the DCEU under the creative direction of James Gunn and Peter Safran. Almost all of the planned movies and sequels that were somehow connected to the so-called Snyderverse or the old DCEU have been canceled. Instead, DC plans a turning point.

As Dwayne Johnson confirmed for the first time a few days ago, "Black Adam 2" will therefore not be released in the near future, not in the first chapter of the new DC universe at least. This doesn't sound like a complete farewell like that of Henry Cavill as "Superman", for example. Nevertheless, at least for the time being, we won't get to see anything more of "Black Adam".

The new developments at DC are a slap in the face especially for Dwayne Johnson, since the 50-year-old has been advocating for a "Black Adam" movie for years and was also one of the key people behind the temporarily projected return of Henry Cavill. Thus, Johnson's statement that Black Adam will play no role in the next chapter of DC only could also be some kind of self-therapy after hitting the rocks. But from a financial point of view, a "Black Adam 2" would hardly be attractive. We are all the more interested in seeing the future of the new DCEU.

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