Godzilla vs Kong 2: What does the still untitled sequel look like?

Filming is scheduled to start this year in Australia

by Pierre Lorenz on March 21, 2022

The monster-verse movie "Godzilla vs Kong", which was released last year, was quite convincing at its theatrical release. With worldwide sales of around $450 million, the blockbuster was at times the most successful movie during the pandemic. Now there is news of the production of the next monster-verse movie from Legendary. Production is expected to start this year in Queensland, Australia. This was announced by the Australian authorities a few days ago, as the state in the northeast of the continent is looking forward to a few hundred additional jobs in the coming months. In fact, the title "Godzilla vs Kong 2", as the monster-verse movie is currently called, is somewhat misleading, as many expect Godzilla to play no role at all in the upcoming movie. Instead, Legendary may focus mainly on Kong in the future, as was also hinted at the end of "Godzilla vs Kong". Finally, the sequel will reportedly take place inside Earth and feature many different Titans. Fittingly for the still untitled movie, a return of director Adam Wingard is currently being talked about, but there is no official confirmation yet. Rumors have also been circulating for some time that the latest monster-verse movie could be titled "Son of Kong" in reference to "Son of Kong" from 1933. Whatever the movie will be called: If filming starts this year as planned, a release in late 2023 or early 2024 can be expected.

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