Yet Another Postponement: "Top Gun: Maverick" and "Mission Impossible 7" Will Not Be Released Until Later

Fans will have to remain patient anew for several months longer

by Pierre Lorenz on September 2, 2021

Fans of "Top Gun: Maverick" and "Mission Impossible 7" need to stand strong, because Paramount has once again decided to postpone the two movies starring Tom Cruise. Much to the annoyance of many fans of the 59-year-old, this is not only a matter of a few weeks, but several months in fact. Paramount is pursuing a special strategy, as it recently announced that it would not be releasing any more films in 2021. For "Top Gun: Maverick", the Memorial Day weekend has been set as the target release date in the US, which starts on May 28, 2022. That would originally have been the date for "Mission Impossible 7", which is why it is also being delayed by several months. In order to have enough time between the two Tom Cruise movies, "Mission Impossible 7" will now be pushed to September 30, 2022, thus making it more than a year away. Do you sympathize with Paramount's decision, or would you prefer the company to follow the example of its competitors and release the movies sooner? Feel free to let us know your opinion in the comments!

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