After the huge success of "Halloween": Is a prequel on its way?

An insider thinks there might even be two movies in a row

by Pierre Lorenz on July 10, 2019

With his Halloween sequel last year, David Gordon Green achieved a huge success. It's no

secret that there has been a prequel in the room for quite some time, but it might not turn

out as expected. The online portal Bloody Disgusting believes to have been informed by a

trustworthy insider that Halloween 2 and 3 are to be filmed one after the other and -

surprisingly - published in a short period of time.

That would be quite an interesting project, however, you should still enjoy the rumors with

caution, as this has not yet been confirmed.

What is certain, however, is that the shooting for Halloween 2 will start soon and then we

will surely find out more about the next prequel Halloween 3.

Image of The Little Mermaid, Halloween 2 & 3, New Marvel Villain