Rumor: John Travolta and Nicolas Cage Could Return for "Face/Off 2"

Adam Wingard will direct the sequel

by Jonas Reichel on April 23, 2024

With "Face/Off", John Woo directed one of the most famous and popular action thrillers of the 90s. 27 years later, part 2 is now in development, for which John Travolta and Nicolas Cage are rumored to be returning.

The sequel to "Face/Off" was announced 5 years ago, but little has happened since then. In an interview with Deadline, however, "Godzilla x Kong" director Adam Wingard revealed that "Face/Off 2" is still in the works and that a first draft of the script has already been written.

But that's not all: Hollywood insider Daniel Richtman reports that the two main actors – Nicolas Cage and John Travolta – are set to reprise their roles for the sequel. According to Adam Wingard, he already has the vision of creating an authentic and ultimate sequel. A potential return of Cage and Travolta could undoubtedly benefit this project and further increase fan expectations.

Yet one big question remains: when is "Face/Off 2" scheduled to start filming? Well, this might still take quite a while. Because although Wingard remains committed to the project, he also has a number of other projects on hold. It therefore remains to be seen whether "Face/Off 2" will actually be tackled as the next project or whether the director has other commitments to attend to first. We'll keep you up to date as always!