DC Fans watch out: on August 22nd the DC FanDome will start

New trailers for "The Batman", "Justice League" and Co. are expected

by Pierre Lorenz on August 11, 2020

Due to the pandemic, we will not be able to attend any major conventions like the Comic-Con this year. In the last weeks some alternatives have emerged, which can be followed not only free of charge but also comfortably from your own living room. One of them is the 24-hour event DC FanDome on August 22. Various trailers, films and series with their own panels and more can be expected. Among others, you can look forward to news from "The Batman", "Wonder Woman 1984", "Aquaman" and also "Black Adam".In addition Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson wrote a tweet a few days ago with a short "Black Adam" or FanDome sneak peak. Johnson can also be seen briefly as a kind of motion capture figure standing in the ruins of a temple. Almost the same video but with "The Batman" theme was also presented to us by director Matt Reeves and a first title logo of "The Suicide Squad" can be seen on James Gunn's Twitter channel. For "The Batman" as well as for "The Suicide Squad" we assume that there will be new information, up-to-date pictures and maybe even a short teaser trailer.

What's also rumored is that we can expect a second trailer for "Wonder Woman 1984" and Zack Snyder also announced that we will see a trailer for his "Justice League"-Snyder Cut for the first time.

As you can already see, the FanDome will not lack in thematic variety and we are looking forward to the impressive line-up of top-class guests.

Will you also be participating live at the FanDome on August 22nd? Write it down in the comments!

Image of Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender Series, John Wick 5, Tron 3: Ares© Warner Bros.